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Eating Disorder Recovery Stories - Our Fairfield, CT Discovery Treatment Center have helped individuals struggling with eating disorders.

Eating Disorder Recovery Stories | Fairfield, CT

Stories of recovery and success from Discovery Alumni

"I went to [Center For Discovery Eating Disorder Program] . . . for anorexia and substance abuse. It was my 4th round of treatment. I can not recommend this program enough... It literally saved my life. I went into this program completely desperate for recovery, but very scared. The treatment team is so caring and supportive and they made me feel safe. The house is beautiful, tranquil, and serene. I was so terrified of gaining weight and eating my fear foods, and the treatment team helped me challenge those thoughts. They took me to AA meetings, even though I was the only client in the house with substance abuse issues.

They taught me to live life on life's terms, to take everything one day at a time. They really took care of me. It's bittersweet to write this review because while I recommend this program 100 percent, I'm sad that I'll (hopefully) never have to go back. I've now been in recovery for over a year and I've never made it this far. [Discovery] was my home when I had absolutely nothing else, this program gave me my life back, and I am so grateful I was given the opportunity to be treated at such an amazing facility."

Kimberly B.

"I was surprised by my parents with the option of going to get help for my eating disorder and overall unhealthy lifestyle. I so badly wanted to get help, but was too ashamed. After talking to my mom I agreed to at least talk to someone from Center for Discovery about what program I would be in and what it would be like. The gal was super helpful, kind, and did not make me feel like I was the only person who suffered from what I did. She was very patient with me and overall helped out our family with the process of insurance and costs and what not. As for the actual facility I stayed at, it was a great experience.

I was sent to [Center For Discovery Eating Disorder Program], an all women's eating disorder treatment facility, and I was terrified to go. I was told I would be there for a month and would return home after that. I ended staying there for almost 3 months, and I can honestly say I am beyond thankful for my time there. I learned so much and they helped me find myself and get over my traumas and learn to cope with issues that I was having. All the staff was super helpful and had my best interest at heart. I may have not liked all of them, but I knew they wanted what was best for me. Even after my insurance run out, the therapist I was working with arranged for me to go to another center to continue my treatment because I was not ready to come home. I highly recommend getting help with Center for Discovery. They truly care!"

Rebecca S.

Do I have an eating disorder?

Does my loved one have an eating disorder?

Do I have an eating disorder?

Does my loved one have an eating disorder?

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Eating Disorder Women - Orlando, FL

"I was at [Center For Discovery Eating Disorder Program] for 6 weeks. I'm from ohio and being so far away from home was hard. The staff made me feel super comfortable and cared for, making my stay much more manageable. The program was very individualized. They worked hard to make sure my specific needs were met and that my specific behaviors were addressed. This is a top notch facility with incredibly caring staff. Not only were the house staff wonderful, but everyone from admissions to the medical director worked hard to make sure I knew what was going on. This is a wonderful company who are true to what they say. They gave me my life back. I'm someone who has been in and out of treatment for my eating disorder and this program was by far the best. I feel so optimistic about my future. The progress I made there was life changing and I will be forever grateful. I recommend this program to anyone who is serious, willing, and ready to get better."

Natalie F.

Eating Disorder Women - Orlando, FL

"Center For Discovery Eating Disorder Program changed my life. I had struggled with a very severe eating disorder for many years before being admitted and through the amazing staff and group/individual/family therapy I am doing well and have been fully recovered for almost exactly one year. This review is short simply because it's hard to find the words for just how amazing [Center For Discovery Eating Disorder Program] is, it saved my life."

Yolanda E.